This is a new learning platform created by IC-UC in the UK.

IC-UC was formed in 1989 and its founder, Colin Mansell has been involved in the design, development and use of online learning platforms for almost 35 years!

IC-UC has a learning platform (LMS) which it first delivered in 2001 and which has evolved ever since. It is probably just about the easiest platform on which to assemble and deliver courses! It focuses on delivery on desktops and laptops although some have successfully used it with pads.

In 2014, in order to have an option of a different learning platform that covered the full spectrum of delivery devices and allowed as much flexibility in terms of additional use of social media if required, we embarked on this offering.

Built using the WordPress platform and having the LearnDash LMS plug-in at its core, clients will be able to extend this base system to incorporate a myriad of additional options, as and when required.

Initially, we will be offering a number of free courses on this platform. We will be developing interactive resources for use in these courses using mainly the iSpring Suite 7 authoring tool.

October 2014